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Now we are alumni. It's crazy how fast time passes, and how attached and used to, you get to places and people around you. I wanted to write this blog post as sort of a way to conclude everything, and in attempt to put my messy thoughts into words. I've never been a great writer, so maybe this is also just a way to post a dozen nice pictures. Anyway. I'm writing this in Helsinki airport, after 24 hours of travelling, one lost luggage and three flights. I guess I wanted this travel to be a long one, because it is the last one of TRS-HEL, for now.

In a way I always felt like Duino offered me a safe place. I always felt like there was always somewhere a 'safe' place where I could return, if something happened. During the holidays I (with a big privilege) was able to return home to escape the weight of school assignments and the occasionally overwhelming and unescapable socialising. I will miss having two special spaces in the world, as we used to wonder when we closed …

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